Student Programs

An area of educational focus in metal casting within the Department of Applied Engineering & Technical Management integrates hands-on learning with management principles and developing a diverse foundry experience. Students will learn a variety of skills to meet career requirements within the five areas directly related to the foundry, including transport phenomena, applied metallurgy, molding practices, melting practices and tooling practices.

Founded in education and passionate about training tomorrow’s industry experts, the Department of Applied Engineering & Technical Management Academic program offers a four-year plan to help students prepare for their courses. Students take advanced courses in Manufacturing Process Planning, Applied Industrial Supervision and Management, and Molding Practices in Metal Casting. Similar to the four-year plan, the department also offers a detailed class curriculum to ensure students are getting a well-rounded metal casting education.

A robot at work at the Foundry 4.0 Center.

Career Opportunities 

Students working at the Metal Casting and Foundry 4.0 Centers and pursuing an education through the Department of Applied Engineering & Technical Management, Manufacturing Engineering Technology Program at the University of Northern Iowa have the opportunity to obtain positions in:

  • CAD Specialist
  • Quality Control/Assurance
  • Tool Designer
  • CNC Programmer
  • Foundry Engineering Manager