Additive Manufacturing Center Equipment

Sand PrinterExOne S-Max Sand Printer

Currently, the largest sand printer in North America.  A Furan based binder system bonds sand aggregate and additives together to produce cores and molds for use in the Metal Casting industry.  Aggregates that we can print include; silica sand, zircon sand, ceramic, and chromite.  We can also blend the silica sand with many standard foundry additives, which include; Black Iron Oxide, Red Iron Oxide, VeinSeal™, and Magnesium Inhibitor.


ExOne X1-Lab Metal Printer

The X1-Lab uses a chemical binder system to adhere metal powder together.  The powder then is post-processed via copper infiltration to develop metallic properties.  Designed especially for research and educational customers, the X1-Lab is an excellent tool for developing powdered metal and glass materials and processes.


3D Systems ProX300 Direct Metal Laser Sintering Printer

The 3D Systems' ProX300 printer creates chemically pure, fully dense metal and ceramic parts, and can deliver accuracy compatible with EN ISO 2768 (fine) machining tolerances and a repeatability of about 20 microns in all three axes. Materials include stainless steel, tool steel, super alloys, non-ferrous alloys, precious metals and alumina. The DMLS 3D printer will providing seamless and intuitive metal 3D printing for a variety of industries, but we are seeing the most interest from the aerospace industry. In addition, this process will be used for direct creation of conformal tooling, tooling insert and blow mold production.


Laser ScannerHexagon Metrology 3 Meter Romer Arm with Laser Scanner

The Absolute Arm provides complete freedom of movement, with a fully integrated and certified RS3 laser scanner, this is an all-purpose metrology system for almost any measurement need. Supported with PolyWorks software; Point cloud inspection, product benchmarking, reverse engineering, rapid prototyping, virtual assembly or CNC milling are just some of the typical laser scanning applications that we can utilize this tool for.